Dire Days. A film about the end of the world and awakening a god. Very adrenaline-pumping.

Schleichendes Gift 2: Origins.

Not actually an origin story. More of a sequel to all time best trailer Schleichendes Gift. Hint: It’s a German title and gift doesn’t mean present.

Movie 4: Love at First Lagombi. A love story about an alien and a Lagombi. The alien is born of stars and only wants to gather meat for her home planet until a fall in with a Lagombi has her questioning everything. Will they or won’t they? Also is there a big surprise at the end? Yes.

Movie 3: Hunter’s Graduation. A film about a young girl who learns the lessons to grow up and become a hunter. Will she finally defeat the Diablos? Watch the trailer and find out more!

Movie 2: Schleichendes Gift. A horror movie about Giggi. Will there be a sequel about the mother of it all? Who knows?!